Hold up!

So as you may have noticed, I haven’t posted any pictures yet.  I am in the process of taking pictures of my layouts.  I promise to post them asap!

As some of you may not know, Bjorn had emergency surgery on Tuesday night.  He had a 6″ gash on his under side near his male parts.  We don’t know how or when it happened but it was really, Really deep.  Lucky for us, our dog trainer, Sahra, was able to go with Kristofor and Bjorn to the animal hospital right away.  He’s doing well.  He’s on a course of antibiotics.  They had to suture inside the cut and staple the outside.  He has to wear a cone almost all the time until the staples out.  He’s pretty uncoordinated normally.  Add a cone around his big head, it’s a recipe for cleaned off tables in the blink of an eye!  The worst part is he isn’t allowed to play!  Its making him (and us in return) crazy! (As I’m typing this, he’s barking at me to play.  ‘Come on mom!  I wanna play!!  Pleeeeeease?!’)


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I have been reading so many neat sites about crafting, I thought, why not?! I'm going to post pictures of my many projects! View all posts by craftynurse

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