Cleaning House

I work full-time.  I also pick up hours at a local hospital.  My husband works full-time and is also working on finishing the remodel of our bathroom and kitchen.  We have two large, furry, bringing mud and dirt into the house dogs.  To say the least, our lives are busy.  Sometimes our house gets a little on the messy side.  It has been a busy two weeks and it was beyond messy.

Last night we cleaned house.  Not only did we clean, we also purged.  We have a tiny bathroom.  Tiny.  I purged under the sink and in the cupboards, in my bedroom closet and our ‘throw it in the step closet’ closet.  It felt amazing.  Today getting ready for work, I felt accomplished, like an adult with a life that is somewhat organized and put together.  I look forward to the day when I live in a home that I love and everything has a place.  For now, I will work on getting rid of the things we don’t use, haven’t used and mostly won’t use.  Organization is a part-time hobby.  I get inspired by others, living in a small house in Italy or a large house with kids in North Carolina, to make my house a home.  We continue to reorganize, rethink our purchases and make the most of the small space we have.  I hate dusting so the only things on my shelves are books or photos.  “Knickknacks” are not a part of my domain.  My mother loves knickknacks and that’s probably part of the reason I can’t stand them.  I like clear tables and clean spaces.

Anywho, I wanted to share my excitement of a clean home with the world!  Hope you get to spend your weekend enjoying your home and not cleaning, like me!

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