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July 4th

Happy Independence Day!!! After my brother spent time in Iraq and Afghanistan, I have felt different about these American holidays.  Today we celebrate our freedom from persecution.  Today we celebrate that we have the freedom to say, do and spend our lives as we please.  Our country is not perfect but I enjoy the fact that I can wake up each day not wondering if it will be my last; that planes can fly over my house and I don’t worry that it might be carrying a bomb.  Today we salute our troops who have fought for our freedom to sleep in peace tonight; our troops who gave their lives so that we may have ours.

Today I celebrated this beautiful Minnesota day with my family.  My husband, myself, his grandma, aunt and his brother’s girlfriend all had lunch together.  My husband and I rode the motorcycles to and fro.  This weather is perfect for motorbiking.  LOVE IT.

Current weight: 148.6 lbs

Goal weight: 125 lbs

Days remaining: 88


Tomorrow is back to work and back to early mornings.  Ugg.