T’was the year 2010….


2010 has gone by in flash!  Some things I’d like to note from this year:

March 16th:  I started this blog!  I have learned so much from the blogs I read on a nearly daily basis about life, love, decorating and (of course) blogging.  It has been quite the trip 🙂  I’m excited to take the next road and continue on my blogging journey.

April 10th:  Bjorn turned 1 year old!  We had a party and everything!!!!  Well the party was on the 11th because our good friends, Matt and Jen, got married on April 10th!   Such an exciting weekend for us here in Winona!

Matt and Jennifer Klotz

The Happy Birthday Boy!

May 14th:  Mom had surgery on her wrist.  In October of 2009, my mom fell and broke both her arms.  Well really, her wrist and forearm.  It was terrible.  I went and stayed with her for a week and then she stayed with us for a week.  Her wrist didn’t heal right and she was still having a lot of pain, so Dr. Zachary did surgery.  All went well!  She is pain free now and has not re-injured herself ….. yet.

May 29th:  Kelly and Dan got married!  Kristofor had band stuff going on so my friend from high school, Punil, was my +1.  It was very interesting because I hadn’t talked to a lot of the people who were in the wedding or attended the wedding in some time and I could tell they were confused that I came with an Indian guy.  He was a good sport and we had a blast!

Dan and Kelly Planton

Nursing Group – Adam, Allyson, Jacqueline, Carly, Kelly, Me, Mark and Shelly

Me and Punil – My +1 for the night!

June 2nd:  Luke’s first birthday!!!  Michael and Kristine’s little boy celebrated his first birthday!  We weren’t able to celebrate in person but we sent a scrapbook I made for Luke.  All Michael and Kristine have to do is plug in the appropriate pictures!

Luke’s 1st birthday cake!

June 15th:  Our third wedding anniversary!  I’m pretty sure I had to work that day but for us marriage is celebrated everyday.  We never know how much time we have together on this earth, so we try to live each day to the fullest; tell each other ‘I love you’, spend time together and just enjoy being with one another.  I have been reminded lately how lucky I am to have someone who I can laugh with, cry with and everything in between.  I married my best friend and I couldn’t ask for more.  🙂

June 19th:  My friend Melissa and I had a garage sale at my house in Winona.  It was my first garage sale and I was surprised at how much work they really are to put together.  We made $125 for our Relay for Life team, Team Tiki Time.

Candles lighting the path we walked all night long

June 29th:  Hudson Ross Diercks was born at St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, MN.  Hudson is the first born of Mallory and Sam, Kristofor’s cousin and her husband.  We were so excited to meet him.  He is such a blessing to our family.

Hudson Ross Diercks

July 14th:  R.I.P. Kjersten Ann Snell.  I posted after her death.  I still miss her dearly today.  Sending her husband a Christmas card this year was the smallest thing I could do to tell him how much I miss her everyday.  I know she is in a better place, she’s not hurting anymore but I wish I could have more time with her.  Everyday, something reminds me of her.  I don’t know of anyone else whom I think about on a daily basis.  I have lots of people who I think about often but losing Kjersten has been quite the [adult] growing experience.  Miss you Kjersten!!!

July 16th:  Kristofor turned 27!  Last year I had him convinced that he was turning 27, so he was thankful it was truly a year away.  Happy birthday to my love!

July 20th:  Kristofor’s grandma, whom we all call Grandma, turned 78.  Seventy-eight.  That’s crazy.  Every year we are thankful that Grandma is healthy and mobile and still living in her own home.  She is such an important person to our family.

July 31st:  Rochelle and Duane’s wedding!  I posted pictures of the album I made them.  We had a blast and were so happy to share the day with them!

Duane and Rochelle Undeland

Kissing under the mistletoe

August 14th:  Laura and Mark’s wedding!!!  Laura is a fellow nurse and I remember when she and Mark first met.  She was so excited!  It was a beautiful day, a beautiful bride and hopefully the start of a beautiful life together.

Mark and Laura Kloss

August 27 – 31st:  Colorado/South Dakota Vacation!  Kristofor and I drove out to Colorado Springs to visit my younger brother, Andrew, once more before he moved for AIT (army lingo for “advanced individual training”) and Allyson, a good friend from college, offered us a place to stay; we couldn’t refuse!  Allyson was a terrific host.  We got to meet her pup, Panzer.  They took us hiking and showed us the wonderful city of Colorado Springs!  We had a blast!  It was nice catching up with Allyson and spending some time with Andrew.

Kristofor, Me, Panzer and Allyson at Garden of the Gods

Kristofor, Me and Andrew

Instead of taking the same trip back to Minnesota, we drove back through South Dakota.  We stopped at Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse.

Mount Rushmore

September 5th:  My 26th birthday!!!  I love my  birthday.  Most say its because I’m still young.  I disagree.  My birthday is the one day all about me.  And I love it!

September 10-12th:  My mom had lived in the same dumpy duplex for too many years.  We finally convinced her she didn’t have to live in that dingy place anymore and so this weekend we helped her move into her new shiny apartment.  Its an amazing improvement.  New carpet, washer and dryer in unit, two bedrooms, a walk in closet AND a dishwasher.  My mom has not had a dishwasher (besides Andrew and me) for 20 years.  I was glad she had a great new place to call home!

September 18th:  Melissa’s birthday and we attended our very first scrapfest!  We rented a hotel room in the Twin Cities and spent the weekend learning about new and different scrapbooking products, techniques and getting lots of ideas to bring home and use for our very own!  We are already planning our 2011 trip!

September 28th:  RIP Chef Tod.  Chef Tod Alford died suddenly at his home early in the morning.  In the past seven years, Chef Tod has become part of our little dysfunctional family.  He has two young daughters, Chelsea and Megan, who I know miss him very much as well.  It was a very hard week.  The holidays this year seemed a little more empty without Tod to keep conversations going.  Tod, you are missed dearly in our family and we will save you a spot at our table always.

October 9th:  With the help of my mom’s best friend Julie, I planned a surprise 50th birthday party for my mom!  She had NO clue about the party.  It was a lot of fun to plan and I think everyone had a good time too!

Mom blowing out her birthday candles!

Kristofor, Mom and Me 🙂

October 12th:  Melissa is getting her bachelor’s degree in nursing at Viterbo University in La Crosse, WI.  They have speakers about different topics all the time but we got to meet and listen to Mitch Albom talk about his newest book; Have a Little Faith.  An amazing story teller in person and in writing.

October 27th:  Not only did my nephew turn 10 today but Michael and Kristine welcomed baby boy #2, Zachary John-Allen into the world!

Baby Zachary

Looks so much like his older brother, Luke!

The McGuire Family

October 29 -31st:  A few of my crafty friends and I spent the weekend being creative at a place called Scrappin’ On the Ranch.  Its located in Pickwick, MN off Hwy 61 between La Crosse and Winona.  This was our second trip and it was even more fun this time around.  Its very reasonably priced and very comfortable to spend a nice weekend with friends.  I made all my Christmas cards and finished Michael and Kristine’s baby boy #2 album!  Pictures to come!  I had a very productive weekend!

November 18-21st:  I drove to Kansas City, Missouri to spend the long weekend with my best friend, Megan.  Positive things to the weekend:  seeing Miranda Lambert and Eric Church on Thursday night, trying out some new restaurants, learning how to play rummy and of course, spending time with Megan!  She is getting her master’s degree at Kansas University Medical School to become a CRNA (certified registered nurse anesthetist).  She showed me around her school and the city!  Negative things to the weekend:  getting mugged Thursday night right outside Megan’s apartment, having no money to get home, Kristofor flying down to Kansas City to drive back with me, having to leave Megan in Kansas City in an apartment where we got mugged.  But we are ok, and much worse could have happened.  Live and learn.

Me and Megan last summer

December 6th:  Brynja turned 3!!!  I can’t believe my baby girl is 3 already!  It feels like yesterday I was holding her on the way home from the humane society.  I don’t remember our lives without her 🙂

My beautiful grown up girl!

Hanging out after Christmas 🙂

December 23-26th:  Merry Christmas!  Living next to my in-laws, for the past 3 years we have done two Christmas celebrations; one in Madison and the other in Winona.  It is exhausting.  I love my family but two families in one short weekend is just too stressful.  Well I decided that I WAS NOT doing it again this year.  I wanted to have a stress free holiday season.  I wanted to enjoy the time with my family.  We agreed upon no gifts this year.  I invited my parents (who are happily divorced) and Andrew to come celebrate the holiday with us at our home in Winona.  In 2009, Andrew was in Iraq, in a war zone.  I was so thankful we could have a holiday together!

It turned out wonderful!  We had crab for dinner on Christmas Eve with all of Kristofor’s family.  We made Lefse and Krumkake.  Lefse is a Norwegian tortilla like wrap made from potatoes.  It was the first time Kristofor had made Lefse.  We had a blast!  Krumkake is a Norwegian wafer like cone shaped cookie.  They are amazing!  Last year, Grandma bought our family an electric iron and we thought we should put it to good use.  My aunt Dagny sent the special ingredient, cardamom, with my dad.  It was perfect.  The Krumkake didn’t even make it through the day; it was that good.  Christmas day I volunteered at the humane society to help take care of the cats.  I volunteer on a regular basis but I thought that would be the best gift I could give this year.

Mom and Me making Krumkake

Krumkake all finished!

Dad teaching Kristofor how to roll out the lefse

Although we had agreed upon no gifts, my mom and dad still brought us a few things.  My mom made us an awesome tied fleece blanket and a few things for the pups.  Dad gave me a recipe book with copies of all my grandmother’s recipes.  My grandma, Winnie is what everyone called her, died when my dad was only 10 years old.  It was so special to have a little piece of her.  A very special gift.  My aunt Kristy made each of us sweater mittens.  They are old sweaters she shrunk down and made into mittens lined with fleece.  I love them.  I have gotten many people asking me where I got them and how they can get a pair.  I’m keeping a tight grip on those.

All in all it was a magical Christmas season.  Lots of love and good food.  We got to spend quality stress-free time with our families and enjoy the good company.


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